Region 20 Honor Choir Audition Materials 2019

This is the official listing of the Region 20 Vocal Division JH/MS Honor Choir Audition Material.  All amendments, corrections and errata will become official only when it is published here.  Auditions will be held October 25-26 at YWLA - Arnold MS in Grand Prairie.  For singers to audition they must be a 6th, 7th, or 8th grader in Region 20 and plan to sing at the Clinic and Concert on November 9 at Coleman MS (old Waxahachie HS).

While we strive for perfection, there are occasionally minor issues within rehearsal tracks. Please alert the MS Coordinator of any ERRATA and region leadership will try to avoid those measures in audition cuts or will inform judges of how to judge those moments.  Thank You!


This year we will be introducing the sight-reading component to our 7th/8th auditions, 6th grade honor choir participants will not be required to sight-read. In order to help your students practice, please use the following tracks to instruct them through the process:


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6th Grade
7th/8th Grade Treble
7th/8th Grade Tenor-Bass

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6th Grade Audition: Jennifer Crawford 
1. Tarantella     Victor Bobetsky Boosey & Hawkes 3118544 2 part 
2. Antonio     Eugene Butler  Heritage Music 3301148 2 part

6th Grade Concert: 
1. God Be In My Head    Andrea Ramsey Alliance Music  10098665 2 part

 Treble SSA Audition: Josh Brown 
1. O Magnum Mysterium   Evan Ramos  BriLee   10871862 SSA 
2. In Paradisum (Combined Treble)  Faure / Rentz  Heritage Music 10011540 SSA  

Treble Honor Choir Concert: 
1. El Cielo Canta Alegria   Roger Bergs  Boosey & Hawkes 3304176 SSA

 Combined Treble Choir Concert: 
1. I Sing Because Iā€™m Happy   Padden / Dilworth Hal Leonard  10573396 3 part

 Mixed Choir Audition: Florence Scattergood 
1. You Are The New Day   arr. Knight/Narverud Hal Leonard  10820361 SATB 
2. Dream Keeper    Rollo Dilworth Hal Leonard  10070633 SATB 

Mixed Choir Concert: 
1. Sing Alleluia, Clap Your Hands  Sally Albrecht  Alfred Music  3127925 SATB 

Tenor/Bass Audition: Florence Scattergood 
1. In Flanders Fields     Roger Emerson Hal Leonard  3123098 TTB  
2. Ballgame     Debra Morton  BriLee    10583536 TTB 


1. A Million Dreams    Mac Huff  Hal Leonard  10873442 SATB